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More than 230 hours of off-the-record interviews with more than 95 of the people who either gambled, or methodically worked against, but ultimately prevented Grexit: The Last Bluff is the definitive from-all-angles narrative of the last exit that shook the EU, providing key insights into how the EU decides and how much elbow room there is to be found in going against it.

Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο

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A behind-the-scenes political thriller offering the definitive account of Europe’s 2015 dramatic showdown with Greece. It’s a wide-ranging, exhaustively-investigated narrative of the most turbulent year in Europe’s recent financial history, revealing one of the continent’s best kept secrets: the Plan B in case its weakest link crashed out of the euro. 

From the election of Europe’s first radical, anti-establishment government in Greece, to the country’s dramatic referendum, this is a nail-biting tale about power and money, a story about charismatic but often vain politicians who failed to live up to expectations.

This book will take readers behind closed doors in government buildings and hotels, seaside taverns and even the homes of those who would decide the future of Greece and of the euro. Secret negotiations, deals gone awry, hushed promises, last-minute trade-offs and even blackmail: this is Europe’s murky decision-making side, exposed as never before.

“There has been much written about the Eurozone crisis, but until now nobody has told its last, tragic chapter: how the radical government of Alexis Tsipras nearly forced Greece out of the euro almost by accident. Dendrinou and Varvitsioti uncover compelling evidence that Europe was ready to let its weakest link go, offering key insights into how its leaders decide when faced with a major crisis. It reads like a thriller, making the cataclysmic events of 2015 come alive by detailing the behind-the-scenes machinations of those who decided the fate of Greece—and the euro.”     

– Peter Spiegel 

US managing editor, Financial Times


  • A thorough, behind-the-scenes account of how Grexit was avoided in July 2015, the book is based on more than 230 hours of off-the-record interviews with the protagonists who shaped the fate of Greece and the euro during that fateful time.
  • A phenomenal best-seller in Greece, with over 20,000 copies sold within 3 weeks of its publication.
  • As commentators have pointed out: “Had the Brits followed the Grexit crisis in 2015 from inside the Eurozone, we’d never been looking at Brexit now”.
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Διαθεσιμότητα Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο
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Ημ. Δημοσίευσης 09/07/2019
ISBN 978-960-484-372-5

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Viktoria Dendrinou is a reporter for Bloomberg News in Brussels covering EU affairs and economic policy. Previously she worked for the Wall Street Journal as an EU correspondent. Before moving to Brussels she spent two years at Reuters Breakingviews in London and was a Nico Colchester Fellow at the Economist. She holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford and an MSc in Economics from University College London.


Eleni Varvitsioti is the EU correspondent for Greek daily newspaper "Kathimerini" and TV Channel "SKAI TV". Before moving to Brussels in 2014 she spent a decade working for the investigative TV show ‘Folders’, covering a wide range of issues reporting from across Europe, Latin America, North Africa and the U.S. In 2016 she was awarded for her reporting by the Botsis Foundation, Greece’s most prestigious journalism prize. She majored in Journalism and History at Boston University.