Mitsiali Alexandra

Alexandra Mitsiali was born and raised in the island of Corfu, Greece and studied Philosophy and Pedagogy at the Faculty of Philosophy at Aristotle University of Thessalonica. She has a post graduated degree in Critical Peace Education and she is a PhD candidate. She works at state High Schools in Thessalonica teaching Modern Greek Language and Literature. She also writes literature for adults and children. Several of her children’s books were proposed for the State Literature Award (The Star house 2009, My name is Niloufer 2012, The doll who was traveling around the world 2014, I promise 2014). Other distinctions: a) The Star house 2009, The night of fireflies 2010, I will save you no matter what happens 2014, sort list for the Literature Magazine’s Diavazo Award b) I will save you no matter what happens 2014, Mister Time, I have many complaints for you 2015, sort list for Greek IBBY’s award. In 2015 she was given the State Literature Award for her novel I will save you no matter what happens, a story about trafficking and slavery in nowadays, for adults and young people.

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