Bourantas Dimitris

Dimitris Bourantas is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the Department of Management Science and Technology of the Athens University of Economics and Business. He received his DEA, Ph.D., at Universite de Montpellier, France. He has taught at the University of Athens, University of Montpellier, Mediterranean Agronomique Institute (France) and he has participated as trainer in several training programs for executives.

He has served as consultant to national and multinational firms and public organizations such as Nestle, United Distillers Vit., Coca Cola, Bayer, Schneider, Citibank, Barclays Bank, Pepsico, Carrefour, Panafon, One Way, L'oreal, Boehringer lng.

In the past he has been engaged in empirical research on leadership, organizational culture public and private management. Currently he is actively engaged in empirical research on strategic networks and the integration between theories of organizational behavior and business strategy.

He has published several articles in international journals including European Management Journal, Long Range Planning, Organization Studies, Scandinavian Journal of Management Organization Science, Journal of Global Marketing, International Journal of Human Resources Management Employers Relations, Revue Francaise deGestion, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, International Studies of Organization and Management, and Journal of Managerial Psychology.

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