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Waves of refugees and immigrants are shaking Europe. Solidarity between states is at stake and even the cohesion of the European Union is put to doubt.

“Short Introductions” series is about brief reference books written by experts, providing accurate and in-depth knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

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Refugee and migration waves put Europe to test. The responsibility, solidarity, as well as the cohesion of societies and states, even between the members of European Union, is being questioned. Meanwhile, the humanitarian aspect of this crisis is being shadowed by the terrorists’ menace especially when the migration flows are perceived by many as threats. It is not laways easy to distinguish who is in real need of humanitarian aid and who might potenially pose danger and thus must be denied entry.

The geographical origins, the cultural and religious references cause ambiguity and confusion that radical groups from various sides are taking advantage of. Now that the self-proclaimed “Islamic Caliphate” is losing its state core, jihadist terrorists aim to impose insecurity globally and mainly in Europe. At the same time, countries like Syria, Iraq and Libya are trying to cope with the restitution of order and balance within their territories and this process affects the established security relationships among the country-members of the European Union.

In the end, why are there so many refugees? What are the interests of the Middle East “players”? What can Europe do?

Short Introductions series is about brief reference books written by experts, providing accurate and in-depth knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.


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Published Date 25/01/2017
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Dr.Constantinos Filis is the Director of Research and Head of the Russia-Eurasia & North East Europe Sector at the International Affairs Institute. He has been a Superior Associate Member (SAM) at St.Anthony’s College of Oxford University (2007-2009), researcher at the Southeast European Studies Center (SEESOX) of Oxford University (2008-2010), Head of project management team specialized in energy diplomacy of the Ministry for the Environment Physical Planning and Public Works and also committee member of the Safety Studies Center for the evaluation of threats against homeland security from radical groups. He teaches in postgraduate programs of Universities, at the School of Management for Navy Officers and at the National Defense School. He has published several studies and collaborates with public and private organizations as well as with global corporations. He is a member of the Greek-Turkish Forum and a corresponding member of Institute of Energy of Southeast Europe.

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